And what has Melusin been doing?

I have been writing a guest post, for Tiger Beatdown, in the Visions of Manliness series. It is on street harassment, and male privelege, and transition:

Some things, though, I do notice. For instance, the difference between going out in the exact same outfit (jeans, shirt, cord jacket) depending on whether or not I’ve bound my chest. When people read me as male, street harassment is much less of an issue. It tends to be limited to a) bolshy teens and pre-teens attempting to establish my gender, and b) comments on my more obvious hair and body modification choices. When I don’t bind, and am read as female, comments are made by strange men about almost everything, ranging from my gait (if I’m walking oddly owing to ill fitting shoes, I apparently resemble a pogo stick) to the cries of disgust if I’m eating in public (I’m fat) to the familiar assumption that being in public and in possession of breasts means that I must be waiting to have my attractiveness judged by a man.

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One Response to “And what has Melusin been doing?”

  1. jaded16 Says:

    I read your post on Tiger Beatdown though I’m too big a coward to actually comment there (unless something monumental like Freddie’s Boners happens). Also, I’m a big chicken when it comes to trans-gender issues as I don’t know shit about them (I’m learning though).

    I loved your post and your writing style; especially your line “When I don’t bind, and am read as female, comments are made by strange men about almost everything”. Your words touched me 🙂

    As a cisgendered woman – I believe that’s the term – the word “bind” took on a different, beautiful meaning. Keep writing 🙂

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