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Mad Men Season Three open thread

July 26, 2010

Despite living on the wrong continent, I am catching up on Season Three ahead of the new season of Mad Men. So, despite only being up to episode twelve, can I say the following thing:

I don’t think I’ve ever hated Don more than when he was letting Sal go. Scenes like that, how quickly he goes from privileged guy with a conscience to talking about “you people” are the reason I politely smile and not every time my Dad starts going on about how he’s actually decent.

Will update this as things occur to me:

ETA: Moment that really hit me: Carla sitting down to watch the news of the Kennedy assassination and the kids going to hug Betty instead, and Betty not asking after Carla. It’s not remotely suprising, but a really good snapshot of a privileged person ignoring someone who has more at stake.

Every time I watch Mad Men I like Trudy more. Also, I don’t know why I’m suprised by Pete being a rapist because the background has been set for that since episode one, I guess I’d just deluded myself that he was actually becoming a decent human being somewhere in season two. I was wrong.

I am about to watch episode thirteen and then see if I can get hold of season 4

Okay, I have just got to the point where I hate Don even more. He’s just found out about Henry Francis, and he is a nasty, petty bully. I’ve just been emailing Gayle about the dance of Don being a jerk and then the audience coming back to like him again, I’m not sure I will come back to that again.


Guest post at The Deviated Norm

July 21, 2010

I have a guest post up at The Deviated Norm, in the “Today: Meet a Poly Person” series.

Hi, I’m Melusin, blogger at And What Was Ze … I’m a pansexal trans man, a newbie activist, poet, playwright and director for a small theatre company. I live with my fiance, Roland, in the English Midlands, and we’re polyamorous.

There is an old friend of mine for whom I had feelings for a long time. She is the first person I ever fell in love with, causing all sorts of angst and drama in my late teens. She’s still a very good friend and every now and then I realise I’m still attracted to her, still sometimes have romantic feelings towards her. (She’s made it very clear she isn’t interested, and as such I wouldn’t act on them”

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