Mad Men Season Three open thread

Despite living on the wrong continent, I am catching up on Season Three ahead of the new season of Mad Men. So, despite only being up to episode twelve, can I say the following thing:

I don’t think I’ve ever hated Don more than when he was letting Sal go. Scenes like that, how quickly he goes from privileged guy with a conscience to talking about “you people” are the reason I politely smile and not every time my Dad starts going on about how he’s actually decent.

Will update this as things occur to me:

ETA: Moment that really hit me: Carla sitting down to watch the news of the Kennedy assassination and the kids going to hug Betty instead, and Betty not asking after Carla. It’s not remotely suprising, but a really good snapshot of a privileged person ignoring someone who has more at stake.

Every time I watch Mad Men I like Trudy more. Also, I don’t know why I’m suprised by Pete being a rapist because the background has been set for that since episode one, I guess I’d just deluded myself that he was actually becoming a decent human being somewhere in season two. I was wrong.

I am about to watch episode thirteen and then see if I can get hold of season 4

Okay, I have just got to the point where I hate Don even more. He’s just found out about Henry Francis, and he is a nasty, petty bully. I’ve just been emailing Gayle about the dance of Don being a jerk and then the audience coming back to like him again, I’m not sure I will come back to that again.


5 Responses to “Mad Men Season Three open thread”

  1. snobographer Says:

    A lot of people on blogs interpreted Don’s silence after catching Sal to mean Don was cool about it. Silence is mid-century WASPese for disgust. They were all taken aback when it turned out Don was harboring all that slut-shaming for Sal. And Don’s one to talk.
    He’s said a lot of dickish things. Did you catch the one where he chewed Peggy out for thinking she could schmooze her way onto the Hilton account as if she had a penis or something? “A lot of full-grown men would kill to be in your position!”

    • Melusin Says:

      I don’t know how soon I can get season four over here in the land of Lane Price, but I am really excited about it.

      I did catch that one. Also the way he constantly dismisses Betty drives me up the wall (I cried when he was calling her therapist in season one. I’ve been someone with relatives trying to invade my privacy in that way, the idea of it being entirely okay with the therapist scared me so much).

      And Sal staying at work as late as possible so as not to leave was so incredibly sad.

      Is it just me or is that episode/the couple of episodes around it incredibly coercion centric? You have Pete raping someone, Sal being essentially told he should have given into coercion and what Don said to the teacher when beginning their affair (I am terrible with names, therefore I don’t remember hers) sounded really creepy and coercive to me

      • snobographer Says:

        Also, Lee Garner forcing Pete to take a drag off a cigarette against his protests.

        They work in themes like that a lot.

        I remember in season 1 when they were playing around with aerosol cans of Right Guard and made a “joke” about Ken Cosgrove being “the girl” on prom night and they pinned him down, tore off his shirt, and sprayed Right Guard into his armpits.

        It can be kind of triggering, but I like that they gender-reverse issues of consent and coercion. I’ve got to wonder how many viewers actually get what they’re doing though.

  2. snobographer Says:

    Are you watching season 4, by the way? It starts in 10 minutes. *squeee*

  3. Gayle Force Says:

    So, I should have brought my emails here, but . . .

    By the end of season 3, we are seeing some of the women, at least, fight back. Joan with the vase (god, could her fiance be ANY CREEPIER???) and Peggy telling Roger simply, “No,” she won’t go get him his coffee. I am just interested to see where Season 4 starts to go, considering that many of the oppressed in America will start fighting back, too. Mad Men always makes you aware of the power dynamics, who controls who, how class can work subtly to create outsiders (like, ok, remember Roger’s wedding, where it was clear that Betty and Trudy immediately bonded about country clubs or something, and left the wife of the TV dude, whose name I am forgetting, in the cold?), how people who are disempowered in some ways (Betty) then can be mean and take it out on others (Carla, her kids), in order to regain some power again.

    Snobographer, I will be seeing it tomorrow, when itunes gets it together. Hope to have a discussion over at my place, once I write something . . .

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